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Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multi View Scientific Calculator

TI30XS Multi View Scientific Calculator
Texas Instruments TI30XS Multi View Scientific Calculator Image 1

Texas Instruments

Color: blue
Package Quantity: 1

A listing of features include 1-year warranty and new - retail. The color of these calculators is blue. The calculator is 0.39"H x 3.84"L x 2.66"W and has got a weight of 0.51 lbs. Searching for blue TI-30XS Multiview. For the greatest offer for this scientific calculator or other items, click on our partners via the link.

Designed with exclusive features to allow you to enter more than 1 certain calculation compare results and explore patterns all on the identical screen. Quickly view fractions and decimals in alternate forms by producing use of the Toggle Key. Explore an x y table of values for a given function automatically or by entering specific x values. Enter and view calculations in common Math Notation by way of the MATHPRINT Mode including stacked fractions exponents exact square roots and more. Unit of Measure : Each Power Source (s) : Battery Solar Display Notation: Numeric Number of Display Digits: N/A Display Characters x Display Lines: 16 x 4. Scroll through previous entries and investigate vital patterns at exactly precisely the same time as viewing and pasting into a new calculation.


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