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Sharp EL-531WHBK Scientific Calculator

Sharp EL531WHBK Scientific Calculator


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Searching for a new scientific calculator? The EL531WHBK Scientific Calculator a great scientific calculator! Among the key features for this calculator is the scientific calculations : (), %, sin, cos, tan, sinh, cosh, tanh, etc. Other features consist of display : 2-line, 2-variables statistics and fraction calculation. It's 5.79"H x 0.98"L x 9.65"W. Part Number 4974019024509. To assure your transaction goes smoothly and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll offer some tips before buying this calculator. Which means you aren't dissatisfied after buying it and in accordance with the item you desire. You will also find price comparisons from dealers we met, so you really get the best value at present with this great scientific calculator. Online deals for EL531WHBK Scientific Calculator.

Product Description Display Characters x Lines 10+2 x 2. Size 3-1/8Wx6-1/8D. Levels of Parentheses 16. Storage Memory 7. Battery Powered. Fraction/Decimal Conversions. Formula Notation Algebraic. Multiline Equation Playback. Protective tough case and operating battery included. Probability (Random Numbers ). 3-Key Memory. Replacement Battery DURDL2016BPK (sold separately ). Fraction Calculations. Portable calculator with glass top design and alphanumeric LCD display. Variable Statistics Two.  


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