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Sharp Engineering/scientific Calculator (EL-W516XBSL)

Engineeringscientific Calculator

Sharp Electronics

Color: silver
Package Quantity: 1

The Electronics Engineering/scientific Calculator from Sharp Electronics a great solution for your office. One of the many features for these calculators is the four programmable keys for quick use of user desired functions ability to solve three simultaneous equations. The calculator dimensions are 1.14"H x 9.64"L x 5.8"W and has got a weight of 0.38 lbs. The color of the calculator is silver.

The EL-W516XBSL scientific calculator by Sharp performs more than 535 scientific functions and has seven different modes. Calculator is solar and battery operated. It features a sizable 4-line, 12-digit LCD display, ensuring that complete formulas will probably be visible. The playback feature makes it possible for you to make changes to formulas easily without having to begin over from the beginning when you've entered a wrong key. The hard cover helps quit the calculator from dents or scratches. The Sharp EL-W516XBSL has enhanced calculation speed for smooth operations. It has four programmable function keys that you program for quick and easy access for the functions you use the most. It functions Write View technology which displays formulas as they are written in textbooks eliminating any confusion on how to enter each formula into the calculator.


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