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Use the fraction and fraction/decimal conversion for operating with irrational numbers. Utilize sine, cosine, tangent, exponential, natural log, and antilog functions for scientific applications. You can perform quick and easy conversions with hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary bases, and enter data in algebraic notation, just as you would on paper.

Features List

  • Essential trig and math functions for scientific applications
  • Easy-to-use algebraic entry system
  • Essential scientific and mathematical functions for middle-school use
  • Base conversions and arithmetic
  • Affordable and simple to use
  • Size: 6.9 x 12.7 x 0.8 cm (2.7 x 5 x 03. in)
  • Dimensions: Height: 0.3" Length: 5" Depth: 2.8"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 0.5" Length: 9.9" Width: 7.3"
  • Package Weight: 0.4 lbs.

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