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Hp HP30S Scientific Calculator With Multi-colored Faceplates

30S Scientific Calculator With Multicolored
Hp HP30S Scientific Calculator With Multicolored Faceplates Image 1

Hewlett Packard

Color: black, purple
Package Quantity: 1

Among the list of major features for these calculators is the constant mode allows appending of equations. Other highlights consist of includes extra colored faceplates and 2-line display. The calculator dimensions are 6.1" Height x 1.15" Length x 3.2" Width. It has a weight of 1 lbs. Shopping for a 30S Scientific Calculator. To learn more about this scientific calculator, check out the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.

Entry level scientific calculator for high school science and math students. Combines value, higher-math power and comfort in a single stylish package. 250 built-in functions. Two-line display is a learning tool, showing operations with results. 5V Miniature Battery; Display Notation: Engineering; Numeric. User friendly and intuitive, it thinks like a student! Calculator Type: Non-Printing; Calculator Style: Scientific; Power Source (s) : 1.

Who says cell phones get to have all the fun? This scientific calculator, with its substantial functions and robust programmability, boasts two colored faceplates, letting your inner colors fly. With a two-line, 7 x 5 dot-matrix display, you can see more, and with over 65 math and statistical features, you can do more.

The HP30S's built-in arithmetic functions include +, -, *, /, %, 1/x, +/-, plus ln, X, ex, n! , yx, log x, 10x, x², and pi. The algebraic entry is intuitive, and no worries if you make a mistake--simply edit the command-line history. The calculator can convert fractions to decimals too as decimals to fractions. Scientific capabilities are broad as well, ranging from polar/rectangular and angle conversions to decimal hours, minutes, seconds conversions and arithmetic unit conversions. Additional functions incorporate fractions, trigonometry, hyperbolic, root finder, and statistical analysis.


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